The cornerstones that support Blackwater, predate even the oldest cities of Man, Orc or the dwindling Elves. Not long ago, the world outside of Mystvale was rich in magic and in miracles, but as the summer crops wither beneath winter frost, the magic of the outer kingdoms is fading.

On the Isle where the suns rays rarely pierce the Veil, the shadows lengthen, and the Old Magic makes it's return.

This will be a story largely based around your characters but tempered in the heat and turmoil of the old port city. It is going to be a mature game with some dark subject matter (nothing overly devious) where hopes are lost, dreams are crushed, and lives are bought and sold with bloodstained coin.

I don't want to give the impression that your actions and desires are futile within Blackwater, just that failure, death, and suffering are real possibilities here. This is simply not a story where the heroes always win, where justice is always served. Additional rules from the DMG will also help make Blackwater feel more gritty and realistic.

Expect a lot of Role-play, exploration, interaction and the like. There will likely be combat but it isn't the focus of the story.